Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trench Coats for a Fellow Fashionista

So, a fellow fashionista is faced with a situation...she needs a super fly trench coat (fall is basically here) at an affordable price. I took it upon myself to research and find some recommendations under $200.  As you know, most really fly trench coats run you anywhere from 500 to 2k.  So...this is my stab at being reasonably dope for someone that has a keen fashion sense.  See below!  (pics are clickable) Keep in mind that you have to have an open mind to see where each of these pieces can truly take you...

Double Ruffle Trench Coat by Bebe  $149

Tahari Ruffli Trim Satin Trench (Nordstroms $99.90)

Belted Trench (Victoria Secrets:  $148)

Victoria Secrets:  $128

ASOS Slouchy Belted Trench

ASOS Cooper & Stollbrand:  $219.00


Leigh said...

Hey! I love all of them particularly all of the Asos ones, nice post

The Lifestyle Connoisseur said...

Thanks!!!! =)