Sunday, May 29, 2011



My New Whip...

Economical, Fly, Unique, Vibrant, Rare, and Inferno ORANGE...yep, you heard right lol.  Yesterday I purchased a 2011 Orange Chevrolet Camaro.  Though it was forced and sporadic (major car issues with my CrossFire) it worked out well and I am as happy as happy gets!!! Flicks are below.


There are no words for these glasses other than...FIRE!  Check em out.  (Available on  I am strongly considering investing in these...they are CALLING ME...and you can rest assured...I am listening.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm feeling the cut and modern appeal that this designer has to offer. HOWEVER, I am not feeling the prices.  1k and up... really?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Straight from my personal facebook page...I figured I should share the wealth of my knowledge with my blog subscribers. All 6 of you =).  See below the picture for additional details and thank you's are in order.

" On this day, I am here to educate the masses. *takes a sip * First off, I would like to take a moment to congratulate the Mexican Army/Militia for their defeat in the Battle of Puebla. Yes, that is what today is for folks. So you see, *sip* there is a greater purpose behind Cinco de Mayo (not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day) that people so easily forget. TO PUEBLA! *picks up drink for a toast* "

OCTOBER DRAWETH NEAR...Time to Play Dress Up!

Have you ever seen someone be a real life cartoon for Halloween?  This is super original and I personally have never seen someone venture to go this far.

Being a doll is sort of cute too =) a lame o way...but I embrace my awkward/nerd like tendencies. *shrugs*


*GASP* How about a TOY SOLDIER!!??!!

My head is spinning right now. 


YOU STAY doing the dayum thing when it comes to trendsetting and fashion.  One problem, I still don't like how you carried your Ex-wife...ahem...but, and this is a teeny but...your swag is OH SO Fresh.  So you get a pass? Yes, my priorities are screwed up but fortunately for me...I am not his current or ex lets take a looksie at the epitome of hip hop meets couture!!! 

Even little man is on point smh

No words.  Alicia, I know...he made you do it. You should not be held accountable.  I mean that leopard blazer is probably what really did you in.  Good luck girl...


If you are able to understand the lyrics...listen to the words and apply it...knowledge!  "Destruction of your soul is vanity"  I grew up on these sounds...and of course this is one of my favorite artists to date.  Real music. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MY BUCKET LIST "TOP 15"...If I had one...

So, the life clock is ticking...what must I do before I go to purgatory?  Or to my pleasant surprise...Heaven? *fingers crossed* I don't really believe in the ideology behind a bucket list per se but it is sort of cool and obviously way too tempting for me to pass up creating.

Disclaimer:  Please do not take offense to my obvious lack of depth. Consider this a warning.
  1. Have a sip of tea with none other than...Mrs. Obama
  2. Have a career that is financially lucrative that I am actually passionate about.  This would fall under the category of Fashion, Liquor, Food, Traveling, and/or helping others.  Not sure what the h*ll that equates to but whatever it is...I'll take it over IT Project Management any day. 
  3. Take an international couple's excursion with Jay-Z and my girl "B". Rihanna is welcome to tag along with her jumpoff of the week as well. She just seems cool in a scary sorta fun way.  *_*
  4. Be featured on box of a creamy crack AKA...Perm box. You have your dreams and I have mine, what can I say?  
  5. Take my mother to Europe
  6. I was inclined to say purchase a home in the Bahamas with my S.O. but I think I would prefer buying an island in the Bahamas. So, there you have it.
  7. Sit front row at an Alexander McQueen Fashion Week show
  8. Be in a Macy's parade...I mean come on...seriously...thats just fly.
  9. Purchase a Hermes bag and it be affordable.
  10. Swim with the dolphins (I guess learning how to swim should have been a pre-requisite but that's neither here nor there)
  11. Have a sip of henny with Baracka Wacka Flame
  12. Become friends with Oprah and take over Gayle's role in her life
  13. Put out a successful nonsensical dirty south rap single. I'm thinking of "My Bubble Gum Stay Poppin" or "Beetch, U Musta Lost Yo Mind"
  14. Purchase a Maserati or Bugati
  15. Have a part to play in world peace or if I had to choose...adopt a less fortunate child.  That should definitely compensate for my shallowness thus far.
It's a wrap!  I presume having my own holiday or winning the noble peace prize would be too far.  I'm sure that you now understand why a bucket list mighttttt not be a good idea for me?   But, whose to say that these things will not happen?  Well folks, only time will tell...I am claiming it and looking forward to having Oprah as a best friend after we meet at a Macy's parade because she stopped to compliment me on my Hermes bag as I was getting out of my brand new Maserati after getting back from vacationing with the Carters and swimming with the dolphins and discussing featuring them on my new single "My Bubble Gum Stay Poppin"...  I'm just have to be realistic.