Friday, March 25, 2011


The Heel-LESS heel:  I get want to be different...BUT my theme for the past week applies to this particular look..."KNOW YOUR LIMITS".  I would love to see someone walk up a hill in these shoes.  Pure entertainment! lol

Female Side Neck Tattoo:  Granted, its cute and somewhat funky but I am not a fan of tattoos anywhere on the neck. There is something about the one on the side that particularly annoys me that much more.  It kills any evening or work related look and screams HOOD RICH.  Unless you are a Rap/Rock Star, Kat Stacks (see below) or a real life Snoop from The Wire ... do yourself a favor and get a stick on to temporarily fulfill that urge.
If you must get a neck tatoo, go for the back of the neck...I still am not encouraging it but this can pass as sexy if done correctly.

Overtanning:  Valentino, Valentino, Valentino...for being such a legend in the world of fashion..well the picture speaks for itself, chocolate anyone?  *straight face*

Drag Queen Makeup: I love my makeup and do not leave home without it.  At the same time, I do not feel the need to wear my entire makeup kit.  Remember ladies...its supposed to accentuate.  You cannot change your ugly grill by overcompensating in the MAC department.  Other things to consider are plastic surgery or take the cheap route and embrace your ugly.

Bad Makeup
Good Makeup

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