Tuesday, January 11, 2011

JUST IN: The Gamerator

Wow, just wow....lol

Introduce yourself to THE GAMERATOR ... the ULTIMATE gaming machine in the world of home entertainment.

The Gamerator contains nearly 100 classic arcade titles, and the customization opportunities are virtually endless. Each unit uses a Window-based PC, so Gamerator owners are free to add any other games, programs, or online access for whatever their needs may be.

The Gamerator also features ...
* A refrigerated interior capable of holding a standard pony keg of domestic beer (international options also available)
* A 26 inch flat-panel HDTV
* Two conveniently-placed cup holders to house your beverage while playing
* Professional, hand-built craftsmanship with each unit built to order for your specific needs
* A Windows XP operating system, allowing for the addition of virtually any program or application
* All Gamerators now come standard with a trackball system as well as the dual joystick setup.

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