Tuesday, December 21, 2010

St. Martin & St. Barth's in the Horizons

It's official!  I will be headed to the beautiful island of St. Martin in 2011 and chartering a boat to St. Barth's and Anegada while there.  Super excited about ...shhh...the gambling and of course being somewhere I have never been before. St. Martin is split into 2 sides, French and Dutch.  So, I will get the best of both worlds. For those that do not know, St Barths is super exclusive and a hot spot for celebrity sightings.  If you see me when I'm there, no photographs please lol.  I may however be nice and humble enough to give you an autograph ;-)

St. Barths

The Yacht I want to Charter, its ok to dream right?

The "yacht" I will probaby be on smh (kidding)

St. Martin

Our timeshare

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