Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The question is, will the b*tch show up? LOL No disrespect but one has to wonder when it comes to her.  Well, whether she chooses to or not ...I will be there the end of January with bells on.  I grew up on Lauryn and she carried me through many a heartbreaks, new loves, and just truly defined what good music is for me.  Worse case scenario, I will be in Atlantic City with my other half with access to loads of booze, gambling, and clubs.  Sounds oddly familiar to heaven huh?  *ducks from strike of lightning* 

Well, cheers to seeing Ms. Hill "show em how its done son" and her comeback. I plan to get a picture with her...willingly or unwillingly. Will keep you posted on how that turns out.


Unknown said...

I hope she does well, heard some not so good things about her last few performances. Did anyone find out exactly what was wrong with her?

The Lifestyle Connoisseur said...

Drugs is about it! *Sigh*